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Handcrafted Dining Furniture

Cardinal Woodcraft Inc. began operations in 1988 as a quality furniture manufacturer in Ontario’s Waterloo region. Cardinal specializes in custom solid wood tables, chairs, and side-boards. Cardinal has a table to meet your requirements whether it is a kitchen, dining, or commercial boardroom table. Mark Martin (president) began business as a cabinet maker and now serves a large distribution throughout Canada.

Note: Cardinal does not sell directly to the public. Our dealers will be delighted to serve you.


handcrafted table craft 1
handcrafted table craft 2
handcrafted table craft 3 768x543
handcrafted table craft 4 768x543


dis•tinc•tive /dɘ’ stiNG(k)tiv/
characteristic of one person or thing, and so serving to distinguish it from others

| Solid Wood Furniture
| Handcrafted in Canada
| Distinctive Style
| Customizable
| Made-to-Order
| Short Lead Times
| Private Label
| Since 1988
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